Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sales Mastery Training

Sales Mastery Training
Remember, leadership starts at the top. John's concepts require the company CEO to understand and adapt the entire company to these concepts. The results of which will be the following:
  • No competitor can stand against you, even if they sell their product at a lower rate than yours.
  • You can yield up to 15 times more response from the same moves you're already making.
  • Learn how millionaires manage multi-billion companies as John has had 500 clients and has powerful lessons to share from working with these captains of industry.
  • Learn the true secret to building the world's most successful companies. It's one phrase and it changes everything.
  • Over the years John has found that there are a handful of skill areas that can catapult any company to the top of their market. Learn these skill areas, but more importantly, the secret to achieving mastery within each of those areas.
  • Learn how to think like a true master of sales strategy. No other trainer lays out the power and practical application of strategy as effectively as John does.
On this live interactive online training, you will learn the secrets used by John Raygoza to double the sales of more companies than anyone else. And the great news is that it's not going to be difficult to double your sales. It's going to be easy. And, it works in any economy, good or bad.
John has found that the real secret in improving companies is not in trying to get them to do 4000 things, it's in getting them to realize that there are a mere handful of things that they can do that will have a massive impact --if you get good at them--which is also not hard.
To quote John, "until you pick up the phone and start dialing!” When you see how John Raygoza gets you to market and sell, you'll see why you become the dominant force in your market or industry.
In addition to helping hundreds of smaller to medium sized companies directly, John has had more than 5 of the Fortune 500 as clients: Wells Fargo, Merril Lynch, Citi, ABC, Warner Brothers, and Viacom . If he helped them, do you think he can help you?
Other areas where you need to become a master - and how to learn it easily
  • Do you know how to run an effective meeting? There are secrets to doing it and most executives are pathetic when it comes to having a highly productive meeting--either with prospects or even their own staff.
  • Do you know the mandatory time that should be spent every day focusing on growing your organization so it doesn't die? There's a simple rule. Follow it and you'll flatten the competition.
  • Do you know that for every interaction with a client there are up to 14 things you should be looking to accomplish to maximize that stunning opportunity? Read that again. Imagine. Every single client interaction can be up to 14 times more potent if you know these simple insights.
  • Do you know the critical role played by psychological profile when it comes to hiring today? We hire people we like. That's smart, but did you know that you can still do that and hire the totally wrong person? And that hiring mistake can cost you millions? I've seen it happen again and again. LEARN the psychological profile of winners compared to losers--for free--in John's fascinating 1 hour webinar.
So join us or perish at the hands of one of your competitors who might learn John's secrets.

How it works:
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

About John Raygoza

(Los Angeles, California) - John Raygoza was born in Los Angeles, California in November of 1980. John Raygoza has been involved in several successful startup companies that have turn over a combined $200 Million dollars online.

John Raygoza has been involved in web hosting, search engine optimization, chat software, customer relationship management software, and a coaching company.

John high-performance coaching program can cost upwards of $50,000 for 6 months of coaching. Currently he's not accepting new clients do due an overwhelming list of companies John offering consulting to. "I have about a one year waiting period for coaching," says John. "I have coached over 2,000 people, I've sold out every seminar I've had and right now I only coach companies with over $10,000,000 in annual revenue."

Raygoza's high end coaching is a reflection of his accomplishments. From building a successful boxing web site from his mother's garage, to creating a multi-million dollar enterprise at the age of 26.

It's no surprise that John Raygoza likes to give back to his community. In fact, in 2008 he gave away over 1,000 Christmas presents to low-income families. Fox 11 News followed Raygoza from house-to-house. "I like to give back to my community," says Raygoza. "I grew up in a rough neighborhood so I know what it's like."

Currently, Raygoza is involved in a charity that will help inner-city kids, from low-income households have an opportunity to learn how to use the computer to build web sites and learn web design. To learn more about John Raygoza go here: